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Do many schools have classes about classic Gothics?
Hi all,

I took a 'literature of the gothic' module on my degree. The degree system in the UK works differently to the US as you do a degree based on one subject only, we do not have majors and minors like you. I did English literature and you had the opportunity to study one or two specific modules in your last year, I chose gothic and it was brilliant! We looked at Mary Woolstencraft's 'Maria' and Ann Radcliffe's 'The Italian' but it was expected that you came to the module having an extensive knowledge of the classics ie: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, Dracula.

The module focused on the birth of the gothic right up until present day. It was great for me as it helped to consolidate my thoughts on my dissertation topic of horror gothic. The next module I took was Romanticism and like someone else mentioned, it does all tie in nicely and you can see how the gothic influenced the Romantics, particularly Coleridge with Ancient Mariner and Christabel and Joanna Bailie who was a female Romantic poet who wrote a poem which is very similar to the plot of wuthering heights (can't remember the name right now but its amazing). I am visiting Yorkshire this summer as I have wanted to go the Bronte home/museum at Haworth and got to Whitby where Stoker wrote Dracula to see the famous landmarks and sit on the bench that Lucy and Mina sat on when Lucy went out without her shoes. Awesome, can't wait.

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RE: Do many schools have classes about classic Gothics? - by black tulip - 04-30-2009, 05:15 PM

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