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What's the last classic Gothic that you read?
What's the last classic Gothic that you read? How did you like it? Do you recommend it?
I am reading UNCLE SILAS by J.S. LeFanu, first published in 1865.
It is a Victorian Gothic Mystery which has a young lady in danger and an evil governess. I like it but I love that era anyway. I'll read anything Victorian--romance, mystery, classic literature.
Woman in white by Wilkie Collins. Such a brilliant plot which is reflected in Sarah Waters' Fingersmith.
I am currently listening to Dracula in my car. I've never read it and am enjoying it very much. I'm surprised, actually, because I listened to Jane Eyre and didn't like it as much as I thought I would. The Red Room chapter seemed to go on forever.

Anyway, this reading is done with two speakers, male and female, and it makes it easier to translate in my head. I've seen many film adaptations and each was different from the other so I don't know how this story will end - I'm looking forward to finishing it!
Family of Vurkodlak (vampire) by Aleksey Tolstoy, second cousin of Leo. Atmospheric vampire story set in early 19th century Serbia, filmed (beautifully) in 1963 Italian anthology I Tre volti della paura (The Three Faces of Fear), directed by Mario Bava. Boris Karloff, who also hosts, stars in this segment in his only vampire role. Michele Mercier, gorgeous heroine of gorgeous Angelique film series (1960´s bodice-rippers based on the novels by Anne Golon) stars in another segment as a high-class prostitute. American version was heavily edited and censored that segment with Mercier became a totally new story! This version was called Black Sabbath to connect it to Bava´s hit La maschera del demonio (1960), which was called Black Sunday in English-speaking countries.

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