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What's your favorite classic gothic book?
What's your favorite classic gothic book? What's the book about?
readertim Wrote:What's your favorite classic gothic book? What's the book about?

I have some old Dorothy Daniels gothics. A few of my favorites, 'The Tormented, and Prisoner of Malville Hall.'
Both are paranormal stories.

Happy Haunting!
Gothic Author
Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, hands down.
Yes, I have to say, this is still the top Gothic for me too. It has such a passionate love story that I have yet to find any book that even comes close.

(PS. I thought the latest Jane Eyre on BBC was awful. I really liked the young actress, but the actor playing Rochester was a big disappointment....terrible interpretation of the character.)
Jane Eyre, favorite classic pre-20th Century
Rebecca, favorite 20th Century classic
Hound of the Baskerville, favorite horror/supernatural Gothic Classic
I'm embarrassed to say I haven't read "Jane Eyre" yet ...
My favourite is "Rebecca" (you'd never guess from my nick, would you?). The modern day follow up, "Rebecca's Tale", wasn't half bad BTW.
And this autumn, I'm planning to read the oh, so classic "The Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins. Anyone read that?
I think my all time favorite would be Wuthering Heights.

For real olde-tyme gothic fun from a long forgotten world, I must say I enjoyed Udolpho.
Manderley, all of Wilkie Collins' novels are worth a read. They make liberal use of Gothic elements and while lengthy, are page-turners.

I love "The Romance of the Forest" by Ann Radcliffe if you want to go way back for Gothics. "Jane Eyre" is, of course, the book that really created the contemporary version of the subgenre, with "Rebecca" crystallizing it.
Hey Cat Freak I'm with you on Wuthering Heights. It is my all time favourite book.
random capitals Wrote:Hey Cat Freak I'm with you on Wuthering Heights. It is my all time favourite book.

I also love Wuthering Heights, although purists may protest that it's not a real Gothic romance. I'm not one of those though.

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