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Who's your favorite classic author?
LC1234546 Wrote:Hi, Linda,
I'm also Linda. Did you have your first gothic published? I'm trying to finish editing mine to send to Dorchester for their writing competition.
Best wishes,

Hi LInda,
My this could get confusing, LOL. Actually I self pubbed my first book. No one was touching Gothics at the time. I truly wish the publishers would turn around and bring this wonderful genre back. I've had so many issues with getting this one done, that I believe the book is haunted! But I plow on, working away trying to get it done. My second book is getting done slowly as I edit as I go. Only 5 more chapters to go. The thing is also is in the writing of them, not too many understand what it takes to write a 'classic' gothic.

BAF, (Break a Finger)

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