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Need help locating the title of a gothic romance from the 70s
Hi, all! My mother has enlisted me in the hunt for a gothic romance she read in the 70s. She doesn't remember the title but has given me a broad description included below. I never read it, so I am no help lol

"it was a romance novel written in the 70's. had a Gothic mansion on the cover sitting on a cliff. Victorian set in England (of course) . the story line was a girl was either betrothed to the guy or married . she was there and the ghost of his dead wife was haunting the castle. the guy was going crazy. It could have been she was working there but she was living at the mansion and he fell in love with her. the ghost turned out to be a living person hiding in the ataic i as close as I can remember it was his wife that was still alive. she was have supposed to have died and there was rumors that he had killed her but he was innocent. the poor misunderstood brooding mansion owner sort of stuff."

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Need help locating the title of a gothic romance from the 70s - by geekthegirl - 08-18-2013, 10:45 AM

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