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WTS lot of 26 Gothic Romance novels $20
OK, it was my suggestion, so I'll go first. If everyone would rather I sell these individually or grouped by author, that's fine. Let me know and we'll work it out as we go along. Just be prepared, shipping for 26 will be $6. Shipping for one would be about $3.50. Not good. OK, titles are:
Mansion of Golden Windows - Elsie Lee
Wingarden - Elsie Lee
Barrow Sinister - Elsie Lee
Dark Moon, Lost Lady - Elsie Lee
The Curse of Carranca - Elsie Lee
Gemini in Darkness - Clarissa Ross
The Spectral Mist - Clarissa Ross
The Twilight Web - W. E. D. Ross
The Long Night of Fear - Marylin Ross
The Locked Corridor - Marylin Ross
Beware My Love! - Marylin Ross
The Demon of Barnabas Collins - Marylin Ross
A Gathering of Evil - Marylin Ross
Mansion of Evil - Caroline Farr
House of Dark Illusions - Caroline Farr
The Towers of Fear - Caroline Farr
Engraved in Evil - Paula Minton
Her Cousin John (AKA The Camelot Caper) - Elizabeth Peters
Castle at Witches' Coven - Virginia Coffman
Masque of Satan - Virginia Coffman
Island of Bitter Memories - Dorothy Daniels
Darsham's Tower - Harriet Esmond
The Voice of Murder - Margaret Erskine
Case with Three Husbands - Margaret Erskine
Don't Look Behind You - Margaret Erskine
The Woman at Belguardo - Margaret Erskine

Condition is about what you would expect for 40-50 year old paperbacks.
Creased and rolled spines, yellowed pages, prices on the first page, writing in other places, corners turned down, etc., etc., etc.
Feel free to PM or respond in the thread. I think the first few threads will get messy until we get things set up properly. Smile


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