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WTS Lot of 30 (mostly) Gothic paperbacks $25
OK, I went through and alphabetized my collection and found quite a few doubles (and some copies of the same book with different titles). To these I added some that I have read and don't care to read again. Format is author - title - description. All of these are 20 to 30 years old. The pages have darkened, gotten brittle, etc. Anything else I have tried to note. Bookstore stamps are usually on the back of the front cover, prices are usually in pencil. Shipping is $5 for Media Mail and delivery confirmation inside the US. Reply in PM or in thread. Paypal for payment.
Cover scans here:

Barbara Michaels - Ammie, Come Home - rolled spine, tanned pages, some corners turned down

Claudette Nicole - The Mistress of Orion Hall - creased spine, address label on inside cover, price on first page

Daoma Winston - House of Mirror Images - creased spine, price sticker, bookstore stamp

E X Ferrars - Frog in the Throat - thumbprint sized water spot on the top corner of the first 50-60 pages - English Mystery

Elizabeth Salter - Death in a Mist - spine and pages tanned, spine creased, price on first page

Elsie Lee - Mansion of Golden Windows - spine rolled, name in ink on cover

Elsie Lee - The Curse of Carranca - spine rolled, address label and writing on first page, price on cover

Elsie Lee - The Wicked Guardian - spine rolled and tilted, Regency not Gothic

Evelyn Berkman - The Heir of Starvelings - light crease on front cover, writing on back of front cover, price on first page

Evelyn Berkman - The Stake in the Game - light crease on the cover, bookstore stamp, address stamp, has "not very good" and "ditto" on the first page. They are not kidding. English Mystery

Farramonde by Katherine Troy - tape on the spine, worn corners, bookstore stamp and writing on the back of the front cover

Jan Roffman - The Reflection of Evil - AKA Death of a Fox - creases on the front cover, check mark on the front page, tiny print

Jane Aiken Hodge - The Master of Penrose - AKA Here Comes a Candle - creases on both covers, bookstore stamp, writing on the first page

Joan Winslow - Griffin Towers - creases on the cover and spine, slit on the first page, check on the first page

Josephine Tey - Brat Farrar - creases on the covers, some folded corners

Josephine Tey - Miss Pym Disposes - creases on the spine and covers, price on the first page, wear marks on the back cover, rolled spine, front cover is slit at the top of the spine

Josephine Tey - To Love and Be Wise - creases on the covers, writing on the first page

Kit OBrien Jones - To the Dark Tower Came - brown spot on the spine, price on the first page

Laura Frances Brooks - This Old, Evil House - bookstore stamp, writing on the first page

Leslie Paige - She Walks in Shadow - writing on the first page, big blob of magic marker on the back of the front cover that has bled through

Margaret Erskine - The Woman at Belguardo - creases on the spine and covers, bookstore stamp, writing on the back of the front cover

Marilyn Ross - A Gathering of Evil - rolled spine, paint on the back cover, corner looks chewed on

Mary Linn Roby - This Land Turns Evil Slowly - Dig a Narrow Grave - Signet Double Gothic - creased, battered, stamped, written in and taped together

Monica Heath - Chateau of Shadows - creases on the spine, price on the first page

Myra Kingsbury - Beware the Bog - price on the first page

Patience Zawadsky - The Demon of Raven's Cliff - bookstore stamp, "GOOD!" in ink on the first page

Serena Mayfield - Stranger in the House - creases on th front cover, writing inside both covers

Susan Claudia - Madness at the Castle - price on cover, name on first page, creased and rolled

Susan Claudia - The Searching Specter - creased and rolled, bookstore stamp and address stamp

Virginia Coffman - The Devil Vicar - printed with 2 or 3 alternate titles - tape on the spine and the edge of the front cover, tanned pages
SOLD 12/17/11

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