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Popular authors whose works you didn't like?
Over the course of my reading, I grabbed anything that looked remotely gothic--illustrated cover, woman running in fear, castle, etc--and discovered many prolific authors whose works I just couldn't enjoy. Number one on my list is Velda Johnston--the elements were there, but I found the writing cold and the suspense elements a bit confusing. I also have a hit-and-miss relationship with Dorothy Eden. Too often her books built up to a romantic relationship between two characters only to have dashed against the rocks by the last few chapters! What about the rest of you? Any popular authors whose books you just couldn't get into?
I have never been a huge fan of Phyllis Whitney's.
(09-12-2011, 11:41 AM)gothicromancereader Wrote: I have never been a huge fan of Phyllis Whitney's.

Oh, good one. I devoured most of Whitney's backlist after tearing through Holt and Stewart, but after book 12 or 13 I suddenly realized she recycled her plots. Big Grin

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