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Happy to find you!
Hello...been reading gothics since I was a happy to find other fans and a place to gab about our reads!

My name is in L.A. I count my first gothic ever to be The Secret Garden by Francis a child...I know no one ever thinks of that particular book as being a gothic for children, but it really, it has all the elements...dark brooding hunchback master of the manor who hides away grieving for his lost love, a secret skeleton key and locked away garden, screaming and weeping heard in the night....kwim?

I think it was then that I got hooked!

My fave of course as many of you probably will agree is Jane Eyre...but the very next gothic I actually ever read was a Victoria Holt book, House of a Thousand Lanterns...I was probably about 13 at the time...and wow, I was hooked!

nice to "meet" you all!
Welcome to the forum, Christine! A member posted a review of House of a Thousand Lanterns; haven't read the book yet, but I shall soon Smile
Hi Christine, welcome to the forum! It's a bit slow at the moment, but I'm sure it'll pick up again.

I never realized The Secret Garden could be labeled as a gothic, but you're quite right. No wonder I always loved that story! Perhaps you'd like to post an official review in the review section? I see I've got it on my BeBook so when I get around to rereading it, I'll post my own as well.

Hope you'll enjoy your time here!
Welcome! House of A Thousand Lanterns is next on my list. Always nice to see another fan of the genre!


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