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Gothic short stories?
Excuse me if this topic has been addressed elsewhere, but I vaguely remember seeing something about the existence of "Gothic Romance magazines" in the '70s during the height of the craze, and wondered if that market ever yielded any worthwhile short fiction in the genre. And beyond that, of course -- going back in time, I'm sure there have been many shorter pieces of Gothic fiction that have escaped the attention of those of us who came to the genre relatively recently.

I guess the idea of short GR fiction attracts me because a short story needn't necessarily be preoccupied with resolving a big story arc where the heroine and hero live happily ever after at the end, but instead might concentrate on a moment or situation fraught with atmosphere and suspense and which resolves on its own, either tragically or triumphantly.

Thanks in advance for any comments or recommendations regarding GR short fiction.
(04-29-2011, 08:19 AM)Penfeather Wrote: Thanks in advance for any comments or recommendations regarding GR short fiction.

There is a new magazine coming out this summer called "NovelRomance" that may have some gothic stories in it. Check out its blog at:


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