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question for Des Esseintes
Des Esseintes,
I don't know what you mean by "Minerva Era Gothics". What do you mean?
Oh jeezzz, don't ask me that or I might write a book on the subject. That's kinda what I'm doing already. lol

Minerva gothics were the old school horror gothics of 1780s-1830s. Most of them were published by Minerva Press and most are forgotten today. They're kinda like gothic romance today but there's usually more horror mixed in. A girl is trapped in a haunted castle and can't leave until she marries her uncle or something like that. lol. I would say that they're kinda all the same but I guess people think that of modern gothic too. Imagine Dracula, Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights with more action, more shock and less literary quality. They were hack romance and stock horror--the Twilight of their day. lol

I talked about them in another thread a few months ago too.

You can buy some of them here:

And Minerva Press is in Wikipedia here:
Thanks for the information!

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