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The Rochemer Hag by Louise W. King
Contains no plot spoilers

The Rochemer Hag was published in 1967, and is an historical gothic.

This story is like a polished jewel, yielding facets of richness unexpected. A stellar example of quality in the gothic genre, it is adorned by immense readability, superb characterization and an engaging plot. The story is more than a little tongue-in-cheek, but oh so charmingly so! Its whimsicality does not detract from its appeal as a bona fide gothic story. From start to finish the reader is made to feel that he is in the hands of a most able conductress.
After years of practice, I can often tell by flipping through a book and reading sporadically whether or not it will appeal to me. Elegant prose has a "look" that is unmistakable. Books like this one whet my appetite for similar work. They keep me hunting for that perfect gothic story. With so many titles published, I tell myself, there have to be more like this one.
Oh, and the cover art. A more arresting and intelligent-looking heroine, I've never seen. (She is accurately portrayed, too!) She stands as if about to run, pictured from the waist up, in front of a Norman castle with "two" lighted windows, side by side. I wish I could scan it, but I cannot. If you look on Amazon, though, and type in "The Rochemer Hag" three titles come up. The first one says no image available, but if you click it , the picture is there.
I take off my hat to Louise W. King!

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