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The Master of Aysgarth by Margaret Mayhew
Contains no plot spoilers

The Master of Asygarth is the book from which my username is taken. It was published in 1976 and is an historical gothic.
Although not the perfect gothic novel by any means, the hero and heroine of the story have somehow captured my heart. I love the character of Alice Chell! A rather plain heroine for a modern gothic novel, she is stoically British, suffering hardship without complaint, philosophical, compassionate, finding good and enjoyment in what she can. She is so perfect, to me, in her responses to the hero, Miles Metcalf. He loves her long before she loves him and the dialogue that results from this is captivating.
On the downside, the villain is rather obvious and the story itself is not deeply gothic. But, the book opens with the heroine's journey into the Yorkshire moors, there is a crumbling ancient family home and definite menace. I give this book a 10 for charm and an 8 overall.
I read this book years ago when I was in high school and loved it! The gothics written in the late 70s- early 80s are my favorites.

"Peregrine House" - Janis Flores
"Hawkshead" - Janis Flores
"Storm's End" - Rebecca James
"A Bride for Hampton House" - Hilary Waugh

I could go on and on. These books are like old friends, I can read them over and over. They're the book equivalent of comfort food to me.
That is exactly how I feel! "Comfort" is an apt word . A couple of the books on your list I have not read. I look forward to doing so.Smile
I wish I lived in The States and could browse the used bookstores searching for such gems. I know I can buy on ebay, but that isn't the same.

Coincidentally: Just yesterday I picked my next read and it's one by Janis Flores. Smile Another title though: "Gyrfalcon Hall". I hope it's just as good as the two you mentioned, gothicromancereader!
Charybdis, that is a very good book!

I've found that bookstores only carry the newer titles and it's a very rare occurrence if they sell any old gothic romance books. For the UBS, it's a space issue for them. It's difficult enough to have enough room for current titles, let alone books from the 60s and 70s. And, also, I don't think they realize the passion that is out there for old gothic romances.

I've been lucky with various on-line sites like, e-bay and abebooks. I've probably had my best luck with e-bay, but of course, there's the pain of having to bid against people (or having them bid against you).

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