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The Auctioneer
This is a review of "THE AUCTIONEER" by Joan Samson it was written in the 70's. The book is not exactly a's a bit hard to put it in one catagory. It starts out in a typical small town in America. The story mostly focuses on a family:husband, wife, little girl and the wife's eldery mother and their friends and neighbors. Into this nice little town a new man moves in. He is an auctioneer by trade and proposes that the town hold an auction of unwanted items and raise money for a fire department. Everyone in the little town agrees. Then other auctions are scheduled and other changes are proposed by the Auctioneer. After a while the town slowly begans to understand the Auctioneer is really taking over their town and their lives. Its a very scary book, neighbor is turned against neighbor and friend against friend. It hard to explain it all here on this forum but I think it is well worth your time to find.

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