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does anyone know about
E-readers? Like Kindle or Sony E readers? Do you like it or prefer a real book? If the e-reader can only hold a certain amount of information does that mean you might have to delete books you already have to make room for new ones. What if you want to store a book on there forever for future reading? In other words help me decide if I want one.
I always hated reading books on-line and can't picture myself curling up with an e-reader.
I've had a Bebook for over a year now and love it. The best thing about is that you can read in bright sunlight because of the E-ink screen. I never read "normal" books anymore.
You can put an SD-card in it with thousands of books if you like. This is a good idea also because loading the books on the SD-card takes minutes whereas using the USB-cable to upload to the reader directly will take hours.
One downside is the lot of book formats available; one will read very well and the other will make the print too small (though you can zoom in and even read in landscape mode) or show too much blank space or odd characters. I've chosen to convert all the books I want to read into a PDF (through a macro in MS Word) with exactly the font size I like.
You can find lots and lots of books to download online, which is a great way to try out if an author will speak to you or not.

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