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Has anyone ever been on a ghost hunt? A really good one, not something set up for fun.

I had looked into doing one for Halloween, but they were really expensive. Also, they discouraged kids. I suppose they would worry about how they would react. It seems that you can only find a "made-up" ghost-hunt, or one too serious.

Recently, I ran across a Vacancies ad for a ghost-hunting assistant. The role was to check-out supposedly haunted places around England. I thought, "this would have been perfect for me". Unfortunately, or fortunately, I already have a full-time job. But I suggested it to a colleague because she was leaving work and considering a change of career. Unfortunately, either the vacancy has been filled or just withdrawn and I can't find the old ad to reference. It would have been great to be involved in something like this. Does anyone else think I'm crazy?
I've never been on a ghost hunt but I've considered checking out supposedly haunted places. We supposedly have several around my area and a small local publisher has published a few books about it. I wonder if it would be anything like Jackson's Haunting of Hill House. I've always suspected that ghost hunters weren't the most organized or systematic researchers around and that the characters of that book were a fairly accurate depiction of them.

How about making the ghosts come to you instead? Ever consider using a Ouija board or something like that? Or, logically, combine the 2 methods and take the ouija board to the haunted house.

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