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Do you like to be alone while reading?
I adore to be alone while reading! Of course, it depends on the book I read. The more breathtaking, terrifying and atmospheric book, the more I need to be alone.))
I love to read when I'm all alone, but I often read in public. I can get so into a book if I'm all alone with no distractions. I do not like reading in front of my wife because I know she thinks romance novels in general should only be read by women and not men. I might also add that she doesn't read romance novels herself. She prefers the lawyer/cop/mafia books. I can't read in front of a tv because of the total distraction. I find myself constantly rereading. Anyone else have that problem?
There are several men on this forum who enjoy reading Gothics. I once thought it unusual, but now I can see several reasons why they would like it.

We have absurd ideas about what men and women should read. Reading fiction is escapism, and gothics are fun for that. Men may not relate to the heroines, but I'm sure they can imagine themselves in the role of the heroes.

Now that I travel on public transport, I can read while commuting to work, so I don't mind reading in public. But, a TV or even YouTube on the computer can be very distracting.

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