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Happy Holidays From Jacqueline Marten
Hi All,
I just wanted to introduce myself and send out a warm Happy Holidays to everyone on this forum. My name is Jacqueline Marten. A former in-law once said of me; "If Jackie were invited to Buckingham Palace and she ran into a maid, she would find her more interesting, and forget she was supposed to meet the Queen." Though not his intention, I found that to be a high compliment.

I sold my first story sold when I was 22 to a publication called the "Radio Mirror". And have been writing professionally ever since. I wrote for a radio soap, confessions magazines and have had 18 historical, gothic and modern romance novels published. They’ve even been translated into British, German, Chinese, and Russian translations. God knows what else! A woman should never reveal her age, but at this point, why be modest?! I think I am one of the oldest Charter and Life Members of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA).

I love hot tea, reading, writing and research. I’ve just begun understanding and using the internet and I’m venturing out to make some new friends and share in the romance.

I look forward to participating in this community.
All My Best,

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