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Cat & Mouse
A good book is "Cat and Mouse" by Christianna Brand. It's about a lady kind of like "Dear Abby", she writes an advice column for a women's magazine. She starts getting daily letters from a lady. She does not want advice but instead talks about her daily life in a small town. Pretty soon she is receiving a letter everyday from this lady and she tells in minute detail everything about her house, yard, town etc. The advice columnist thinks she is lonely and feels sorry for her, so she decides to give the lady a surprise and visit her in person. When she gets to the town its exactly like the letters, she find the house... once again exactly correct. She knocks on the door and a man answers, she ask to see his wife...but he said he's not married. She said the lady's name and he said he has lived there for years and never heard of her!!!! It's a fun book to read.

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