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Widow's Walk by Mary Bishop
Book Description:

The Minister's Daughter

Pretty young Nancy Douglas has led a sheltered life in her father's parsonage. But her father was dead now, and Nancy was alone and afraid in a world she knew little of.

Eagerly Nancy accepted an offer to take care of the two little children of Adam Waitt, a New England sea captain away on a distant voyage. But even before Adam returned to the mansion of Widow's Walk, Nancy had heard enough about the horrifying death of his wife to fear this man. For Adam Waitt, it was said, was a devious charmer -- and heaven itself could not save any woman who fell under his spell.

Then one terrifying day Adam appeared - and Nancy knew the rumors were true and the desperate, deadly danger was real...

My review:

I don't know what it was about this book - the story, genre, setting or just being in the mood, but I loved it. As old gothics go, this story held no surprises and I knew who the 'bad guy' was all along but that still didn't stop me enjoying it. The characters were well-drawn, even the small twins that played an important role though not always at the forefront of the storyline.

I loved the Maine coast fishing village setting and the fishermen who went to sea months at a time.

I could just picture the house up on the hill with the widow's walk atop housing an old sea captain.

I was pleasantly surprised by this old gothic and will keep this little gem on my keeper shelf.

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