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The Benevent Treasure by Patricia Wentworth
I know another member had mentioned Patricia Wentworth in the past and I recently grabbed several Miss Silver mysteries. Some would classify them as cosy mysteries, but given the gothic elements, I think this deserves a posting here.

The book was written in the 50s. Essentially, a young woman is invited to live with her great-aunts after the death of her aunt, who raised her. Though it is written such that there are no red herrings and you know who is the villain, you really don't know how the mystery will unravel itself.

The gothic elements consist of the young heiress, an immense fortune, a hidden treasure, a mysterious disappearance, a past lost love, the young heiress in distress (life-threatening situation), an old house with hidden staircases, and a new romance. Miss Silver saves the day by solving the mysteries.

As a lover of gothic romances and mysteries, I loved it. This was a real winner.

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