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Hello everyone, my name is Zerachiel de Mark. As you may noticed, I'm new at this site. So I thought a proper introduction would be in place.

I live in the country of Suriname, located in South-America. My home langauge isn't English, but Dutch. So please forgive me if I make spelling and grammar mistakes. I love drawing, painting, reading books of all genres and writing. Most of the time you shall probable find me in the Fiction writing section.
My music taste differs alot. Most of the times it's rock (death/ punk/ hard- rock) and sometimes, especially at the sunsets and sunrises, it's soul or Japanese pop.

I look forward at meeting and talking with all of you.

With love,

-Zerachiel de Mark-
Welcome! I´m new here too!

Enjoy reading through the posts!
Welcome, all. Hope you find the forum helpful.
Good meeting all of you.

@Super Moderator: Is my sig okay? I don't see other people with sigs bigger than mine.
I am new here. And i am very interested in how other peoples' gothic dress sense. Please enlighten me.

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