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Bonfire Night
If anyone has ever been to a good Bonfire Night display, they could use it as inspiration for a gothic novel. The torch lit procession with Guy Fawkes' effigy can be quite eerie, especially if accompanied by appropriate music. Also, one viewer nearby commented that a dead body could have been buried in the bonfire and no one would have been wiser until the body had burned.
Read "Faith and Treason" by Antonia Fraser. Awesome book about the Gunpowder Plot!
The book "THE WALKING STICK" by Winston Graham has a good scene on Guy Fawkes Day. This book is a mystery set in 1960's London. The plot really isn't about Guy Fawkes Day but it does include a good scene in the book. Winston Graham is a favorite of mine, good mysteries and also The Poldark Series that is marvelous.

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