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With Murder in Mind by Jan Roffman
Not sure what her real name is but Jan Roffman also wrote under the name Margaret Summerton.  I saw that several others have listed her work or added images of her books.  

First off, this was not a Gothic even though it was published as a Gothic and even has a Gothic cover.  It must have been that the definition of a Gothic was more liberal in the 1960s.  Nevertheless, it was a good read.  This book definitely fits into the mystery category and written back then, it was a great find for me.  It was not one of those murder mysteries that would involve a detective or a police officer. In fact, the murder did not even happen until the end of the story.  The suspense lay in determining which one of the characters succeeded in finally killing the villain.  There were multiple people with a load of reasons for hating our villain even though the motives were weak by today's standards.  Each had a plan but none shared with the others their own feelings of hate and desire for revenge.  I look forward to finding more of her books.

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