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Gothic Novels of the Twentieth Century An Annotated Bibliography by Elsa J. Radcliffe
I found this book years ago and have kept it as a good reference book.  I know little about the author but if she is not related to the famous Ann Radcliffe, she has a very apt name.  I make reference to this book in some of my reviews, therefore, I thought it would be useful to explain what this book is.

This book was published in 1979, so it is obviously not a complete compendium of the 20th century Gothics but it does contain an extensive listing.  Furthermore, the author inserts her own little reviews of the books she has read, or attempted to read.  It would be wonderful if someone would take this book and revise it with additional listings.  I suppose, if we can get enough people on this forum to contribute to reviews and listings, we could create our own reference book.

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