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The Yellow Gold of Tiryns by Helena Osborne
"At first Greece seemed all that lovely young Lydia Barnett had ever dreamed - a land of classic ruins, wild beauty, and open, friendly people.  Then, an ominous cloud seemed to pass over the burning Hellenic sun, and Lydia found herself a helpless pawn in a struggle for a blood-soaked treasure, threatened from every side, unable to trust anyone - not even the handsome, brilliant man who had become her lover..."

Copyright 1969.  This book was written some years after Mary Stewart's My Brother Michael and that is what it reminds me of, mostly because of the setting.

Lydia escorts a rich American to Greece to study its history and architecture when she finds herself embroiled in a mystery.  I first read this book as part of one of those vintage Detective Book Club trilogies.  I love those vintage mysteries because some of them do have a gothic element.  I was pleasantly surprised, then found a vintage Gothic paperbook version of it on my growing Gothic bookshelf.  This was an enjoyable book, very well-written, in my opinion.  One thing I do want to point out is the inaccuracy of the above synopsis in stating the man had become Lydia's lover.  That does not happen in traditional Gothics.

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