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New Goth Fan
Hey, I'm new to goth, my friend got me into goth and I was searching for some gothic stuff and came across this place, seems like a nice enough place. I also listen to classical goth (as in Romantic period) music, and I really like it. I also love romance and horror, so

horror + romance = AWESOME!!!!

So can I just clarify, what precisely is Goth as a genre? I know little about it, except what I've read, such as Edgar Allen Poe or Bram Stoker's Dracula.

P.S. I think Gothic Lolita is sooo cute Tongue
Welcome aboard Qew. Probably the best description of the term Gothic as it applies to literature can be found at Wikipedia

This particular forum focuses mainly on Gothic Romance, a subgenre of gothic fiction which was a popular (primarily in the U.S.) category of women's romance novels prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s. Take a look around, there are lots of reviews of these highly collectible books, some great book cover scans, and lively debates on the merits and definitions and many permutations of contemporary (post World War II) Gothic fiction!

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