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The Seventh All Hallow's Eve -- for "free"?
This is a mixup which will likely never occur again.

Last month another blogger recommended this book. It's rare and thus high priced. Found a copy on the 'net for $6.00. Placed an order. Credit card transaction failed twice (web-site server trouble). Got company's phone number. Disconnection notice. :-\ Tried the cellphone number also listed: Heard a personal recorded voice-mail reply with no mention of company name. ?? Wrote e-mail address. No reply for nearly a week. Reply then comes "yes we are open for business, do you still want the book?" I replied yes and please send me total amount due (shipping/handling). No further reply. >:-\

I gave up. Placed an order with a Florida company for $40.00, for this book. Arrived 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday my husband tosses a book box on the bed, which had arrived via mail. I was ill and didn't open it for 2 hours, presuming it was a Belmont double gothic I've recently ordered.

Nope. By golly, it's The Seventh All Hallow's Eve!

No billing statement. Just the book neatly wrapped in cellphone, seller's address and mine. it free, compliments of him? Did he manage to get one of my credit card #'s off the failed server and charge it?

If the former, I got a $40.00 book for FREE. And now I've got TWO copies (in mint condition) of this book.

Will check my credit card statements. If not charged, I'm not going to take advantage of this man. Will send a money order for $8.27.

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