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Season of Evil, by Jane Gordon
Ms. Gordon's real name is Elsie Lee. She's an excellent writer, but I'm unsure how this book [aside from the title and gorgeous cover art] is considered a Gothic.

Unless I simply didn't give it enough time. But nearly 1/4 of the way through and it's still about the main character's posh and normal life in the big city...I gave up.

The writing is witty and clever and funny. But after so many pages of okay, where is the Gothic? I set it aside.

The story opens with the main character, who is a real firecracker, not understanding why she's suddenly been dumped by her husband. She does move into a different house. At that point I logically figure the reader will be introduced to "the hateful house" with bats fluttering out of the attic windows and a chain-clanking ghost and a spiteful neighbor...but nope. The author goes on for quite a while about her previously spectacular life with the husband and in-laws.

It is entertaining. But not in the fashion I wanted to be entertained.

Perhaps at some point I'll finish it. But I want my Gothic now -- not later. Rolleyes

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