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"The Dark Guardian" by Vanessa Blake
For those who like an historical setting, you might like this book. When I read the synopsis, I figured it was going to be an amateur attempt at a Gothic. I have been misled by synopses numerous times. However, once I started reading it, I felt it was like a cozy Gothic or a Regency romance with a little mystery. The villain was quite obvious to the reader. I don't think the author tried to fool the reader much. It was just enjoyable to see how she was going to bring about the resolution.

In order not to spoil the story, I will just quote the synopsis on the book:

"Lovely heiress Kate Marlowe never hesitated to help a friend in need, and she was quick to take up the cause of a young woman who had been married, got with child, and then abandoned by the future Lord Ledstonborough. With the infant in her arms, Kate went to the Ledstonborough estate to confront the father and force him to recognize his heir. But the father was not there. Instead, the dark ancestral house of Ledstonborough was filled with malevolent, grasping people, each intent on securing the lordly title for himself. Kate began to fear for the child's life - especially with the appearance of the "Veiled Lady," a spectral figure who walked the halls only when an heir to the title was soon to die!"

It deserves a "B" for fun.

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