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The Legend of the Green Man by Sara Hely
Kitty Harcombe, a young widow caught up in a scandal, leaves London to visit her suitor, Sir William, in Ireland.  Due to her rush, several mishaps occur and she accidentally runs into Luke, who mistakes her for someone else.  When the identity issue is resolved, Luke takes her home to await transport to Sir William.  Complications develop and Kitty becomes embroiled in a conflict between Sir William and Luke and the plots and subplots to find Paddy Kelagher, a man suspected of killing an aristocrat.  Central to the plot is the identity of the Green Man, who rescued Paddy from the hangman's noose.

This can be described as The Scarlet Pimpernel meets The Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John.  The background is Ireland in the late 18th century.  There is conflict between Catholics and Protestants, even within families, as in the case with Lord Comeragh and Luke Denny.  Sir William, the deputy sheriff of the region is corrupt and villainous, using his powers to subdue his opponents.  Then the Green Man appears to thwart his plans.  The story is entertaining and well-paced.  The reader's interest is maintained with twists and turns.  Characters are well developed.

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