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Enchanted Circle, by Alicia Grace [1968]
Big Grin 
Fabulous story.

It should be converted into a full-color/length graphic novel. This novel was meant to be seen -- not just merely read.

It's a straightforward and entertaining story, filled with unexpected twists. And for once I'm unsure how to summarize it without giving any spoilers! But here goes: Lilia Henderson is an American in Scotland, having just received her doctorate in English Literature. She's en route to London [though still in the Scottish Highlands] when a rainstorm forces her off the road. She cannot read the sign post through the rain-streaked window, but decides -- or rather is compelled to -- follow the secondary road despite her better judgment. She finally decides to stop, shuts off the car, gets out and takes a smoke while enjoying the stunning stormy panorama around her. When she decides to leave and get back to the main road, Lilia discovers her car won't start. She then spies two stone markers in the near distance...and decides, despite a haunting inner warning, to check the markers out.

And then everything changes for Lilia.

A short while later she kills a man [Nebiros] who has unjustly killed someone she loves [Anson, with whom I also fell in love; what a prince of a man!]. Nebiros' master, Gyres, swears revenge. He is a 500-year-old sorcerer whose Master is the Prince of Darkness himself. But Gyres has a very interesting secret which, ironically, he himself is unaware of...and part of that secret ultimately [well -- read the book! Wink ].

My only complaint with the story occurred in Chapter Fifteen, when suddenly Lilia's father, Will, is being called "Ned" -- all throughout the chapter! Sad Ned is Lilia's uncle, and was only previously mentioned in passing. I can't believe the author herself would make such a goof. In the same chapter Clarence, Lilia's betrothed, is also called "Ned"! :-\ Some of those typesetters and proofreaders sure fall asleep on the job...

Anyway, an excellent story. In this post-The Exorcist/Hellraiser world the novel's scenes and descriptions of black magic and nefarious doings sometimes seems a bit corny...however, the author pulled some very unique tricks out of her hat in the telling.

The edition I found was Manor Books, 1976. The cover art is ... lacking. I have mail ordered the original 1968 Lancer Books Inc. edition and hope its cover art is as worthy as the story!

The cast of characters as I visualized them:

Lilia Henderson: Susan Dey [age 22]
Will Henderson: Sam Neill [age 45]
Anson Henderson: Orlando Bloom [age 21]
Gyres: Ralph Fiennes [age 33]
Clarence: Leonardo DiCaprio [age 22]
Endor: Kim Bassinger [age 35]
Ann: Kirsten Dunst [age 16]
This sounds really good! I'll have to see if I can get a copy somewhere Smile

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