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The Cliffs of Death by Claude Nicole
I had a long run of great Gothics or suspense stories until I got to this one. I can't tell by the author's name whether it is a male or female. The story is told in the first person by a female character.

The story essentially is about a young woman who returns to Ireland after seven years in the US. She had left after breaking up with her fiance, and now returns for her aunt's funeral. She encounters danger as she amateurishly investigates her aunt's death.

Even in my limited experience, this story seemed like a very amateur Gothic romance. There was too much detail on minor (I mean, minuscule) elements, such as the heroine's clothing. It's as if she was obsessed with her looks. Then more important things are just rushed through. The ending was very rushed.

I'd have to give this one a "C-", mostly because it did not drag, at least. It doesn't seem to contribute much to the Gothic romance, but I guess it didn't detract too much, either.

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