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Houses of Stone by Barbara Michaels (1993)
gurugoddess Wrote:Looked up my notes on my booksfree borrowings, found my Barbara Michaels list.

Ammie, Come Home was a very creepy spine tingler for sure.

Greygallows, very Jane Eyre.

Stitches in Time, very good, modern, clever gothic

The Haunting, quite tightly written, very creepy.

House of Many Shadows, the same.

Be Buried in the Rain, excellent, ending a bit hokey but pulls it all together--you are right, she can't do comedy/light stuff and make it work with darker gothic.

Shattered silk, more romantic suspense than Gothic, but good.

Wings of the Falcon, total gothic historical set in italy

Someone in the House very spooky, not at all what I thought would happen at the end.

Black Rainbow-Jane Eyre again, with some surprising twists!

The Dancing Floor -very clever, one of her best, modern
Sons of the wolf, gripping gothic

The Master of Blacktower another jane eyre spinoff, but really gripping hero, one of my faves.

Need to start re-reading these! They were great!

Thanks! I have the Master of Blacktower and will move it up on my list.

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