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Rating scales
I think we should implement a rating scale for these book reviews to help guide the next reader. But should we do stars or letter grades? For stars, I don't see why you can't have a zero-star rating. Don't they do it for movies? They do 1/2 increments of stars, too. However, each person's view of a star may be different from the others. Perhaps, since we've all been to school and understand the grading scale, we should use that. Should we poll it? Should we do the star scale and define each level or should we use letter grades?
If we poll it, I'd go for grading scale. I agree it would be difficult to define what each star rating means to each person, but reviews are subjective after all.
Letter scales are better for me. I think we should all put a rating on our reviews to allow the next reader some guide to the reading material.

Can you give us a general idea about the characteristics for each of the grades you are using? Then I can make a "sticky" post outlining the general criteria used to rate these books Smile

Well, this would be my idea:

A, 5-stars, Excellent: Characters are believable and 3-dimensional, plot is well-written and consistent with good pacing, setting enhances the story without being the central focus.

B, 4-stars, Very good: Each of the characteristics above may not be exceptional but the overall book is still very good.

C, 3-stars, good: An average story, characters may not be well-defined, plot is simple but story may still be worth reading for avid fans.

D, 2-stars, below average: Characters are not well-defined, plot childish and story drags.

F, 1-star, poor: An utter failure, a monkey could have typed this one out.
Thanks, tamtam.

I'll cut and paste your outline in to a sticky thread and place it in the book reviews subforum.

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