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Crazy new indie film
Yo you guys should check out this movie that just came out on DVD. "Timber Falls" is mad narly and scary, this couple hikes in the woods and is captured in the sick and twisted world of a satanic band of locals who attempt to perform a gruesome ritual on the couple. The scenery, acting, and gore makes this flick 10/10. CHECK IT OUT
I watched a movie called Timber Falls a few weeks ago. The one that I saw didn't have a band of satanic locals, it had psychotic Christians. I rented it thinking it was another "inbred backwoods cannibal" movie ala Wrong Turn and Wrong Turn 2, but I found the plot about a religious nut who kidnaps unwed couples and then forces them to marry and breed at gunpoint so she can have a child just too silly and I have a VERY high tolerance for silly. The scenery, acting, and gore were indeed top notch, but I'm going to detract megapoints for the insipid plot, and give it 4/10.

be warned Fair Gothic Romance Reader, this movie is gothic only in the most broad sense. It is more properly a "Slasher" film. It is filled with R rated nudity, sex, gallons of blood, shootings, stabbings, sexual depravity, anti-Christian themes, and assorted relentlessly graphic torture. It is NOT for the faint of heart.

other than that, I didn't think it was a very good movie. Wrong Turn 2, now THAT was a good movie. Also filled with all of the above R rated imagery, but much more entertaining.

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