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I cannot remember the title of the novel or the name of the author for the life of me
This has been driving me crazy for the past 7 years! I love reading good stories. I have read hundreds and hundreds of novels, and only a few stick out in my memory. When I was 12 I had bought a book at a second hand store. I cannot remember the title, or the authors name, but I do remember that it was the best book I have ever come across.

I do believe the book was published between 1980-1992. The storyline is about a young women who had to go to Ireland or Scotland. She went sight seeing and came across the remains of a castle. All of a sudden she fell ( it was more like pulled) through the threshold of an old door. When she came to, she was in a different timeline. In the same body but she was someone else. She was a peasant girl who lived with her parents and the rest of the villagers under the oppression of a satanic 'overlord.' She ended up getting taken by the them into the castle. The 'overlord' has a split personality. The satanic personality who everyone knows and sees. But in his room he is a worker of the light. his satanic side isn't even aware of his other self.

It is a good read, and I would love to read it again, but I cannot find it anywhere, for I have a heck of a time trying to remember the title and or the author. Can any of you guys help me? I'm getting pretty desperate.

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