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The Ghost Orchid by Carol Goodman (2006)
Big Grin 
From Publisher's Weekly....

Ellis Brooks has been accepted to Bosco primarily because her first novel is to be a fictional account of the mansion's mysterious past; while there will be no deaths during her stay, there's spookiness aplenty, as well as several 1893 murders still begging resolution. Goodman's narrative alternates between Ellis's first-person present and 1893. Coincidentally—or not—two of Bosco's other guests are also working on projects related to the mansion. But they turn out to be little more than convenient accessories as Ellis, the daughter of a psychic (and possessor of certain powers of her own), unlocks clue after mystical clue to secrets long buried by the mansion's original owners. As great a player as any is the mansion itself and its creepy (and possibly haunted) gardens.

I really enjoyed this book. Very creepy, great mystery, two heroines, and a moving love story. I had no idea what would happen from page to page.

The only reason I stop at a B+++ is because I wasn't totally happy with the ending. However, the ride there was totally worth it.
Looks good! Thanks. Found more info via Google of course [was particularly curious as to year of publication; 2006]. Though I prefer the 1950s through mid-70s Gothics, I might give this a read. Smile

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