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Does anyone know this title & author
I read this book maybe 10-15 years ago, would like to re-read but can't remember title or author. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It was a Gothic type romance novel written, I’m guessing, in the late 60’s or 70’s. The heroine was at some isolated English estate in the 17 or 1800's. She was a companion or something to an elderly woman at a country estate in the 1700's or 1800’s, probably in England. The elderly woman was bedridden & kept her room overheated & stuffy. She was irritable & demanding & I think, sort of mean to the heroine. There were 2 men in the story, the elderly woman’s grandsons, nephews or something. One I think was fair haired, & seemed kind & charming. The other was a sort of black-sheep, dark haired, he may have had a scar or an eye patch or something, not sure. I think his name was Robin. He had a bad temper and he and the heroine were always arguing, but I believe he may have defended her to the elderly woman, told her to stop being so mean to the heroine. I think at one point she accidentally shot or stabbed him or something, possibly thinking he was an intruder? She referred to him at least once as “his piratical Lordship” or something similar. But it turned out that he was actually the good guy, while the “nice” one was the bad guy, I think, possibly plotting to murder of Robin. I think there was also something about wolves in the story. The heroine's name might have been Damaris. There was a scene later in the book where the heroine & this Robin guy were in danger, they were hiding out in an outdoor building and being hunted down by these evil people allied with the so-called "good guy" in the book who was actually evil. And again, some connection to wolves. I was even thinking the title might have been something about wolves or wolf, or winter or snow? Some people have already suggested Victoria Holt, Georgette Heyer or Barbara Michaels but I don't think this was one of their books, it was a lesser known author.
It sounds vaguely familiar to me. I am going to bring my books back from storage over the holidays, I will see if I can find it amongst my collection.
The story sounds a lot like Castle Wolf by Sandra Schwab. Although some points aren't the same but see if this is the one you're talking about.

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