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Gothic movies
Soviet Gothic

Whenever I compose my rating of films that I consider to be Gothic. So far, I'll share the gothic ... Soviet sample. And yes - occasionally in the Soviet Union shot horror films.

The Marriage of the Bear (1925 (!))
[Image: %D0%9C%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%B2%D0%B5%D0%B6%D1%...%D0%BE.jpg]
Mystical drama based on the play of A. Lunacharsky, created based on the novel by Prosper Mérimée "Lokis".
The film takes place in Lithuania at the beginning of the XIX century. During the hunt on the outskirts of the ancient castle of Count Michael Shemet, the countess is attacked by a bear. She loses her sanity, and the son of Casimir, born by her, acquires a pathology. Time passes. Once a young count, turning into a bear, attacks peasant women.

Clouds over Borsk (1961)

[Image: %D0%A2%D1%83%D1%87%D0%B8_%D0%BD%D0%B0%D0...%D0%BC.jpg]
At the center of the film is the tragic fate of Olya Ryzhkova, a tenth-grader who could not find understanding among the people around her. This led her to the sect stay in which ended for the girl tragically.
As a rule, this film is viewed in the context of an "anti-religious campaign" (although it may be more likely to be called anti-sectarian, since the whole conflict with the Orthodox Church was mainly administrative in nature, and the main target for criticism were sects, sometimes orthodoxy, but more often evangelical persuasion). But the problem is that the film stands out only anti-evangelical orientation. If sectarians (belonging to sectarians in the film are not indicated) were replaced by the Sabbat of the Witches, or by the satanic cult, the film would have had nothing to lose. In the story this is a real gothic thriller. There is also a "Gothic heroine" and a harassed villain who lures a girl into a sect to fall in love with her. At the same time the film has a serious social implication - it is the bureaucratization of education and the alienation of people to each other that forced the girl to become a participant in the "demonic cult". Of course, there really is a lot of propaganda in this film, there are times when exemplary speeches are pushed at the meeting, and the division into "positive" and "negative" is noticeable. But nevertheless, I did not advise, to consider this film just another propaganda. And if you decide that I'm promoting this film, then yes - it seems I'm promoting.
Viy (1967)
[Image: Vij.jpg]
 The student-philosopher Homa Brutus should spend several nights at the coffin of a dead pannochka in an old church in a remote village. Will he be able to overcome his fear, or will he have to deal with evil forces? ..

And yes - perhaps the most famous Soviet / Russian horror film.

Savage Hunt of King Stakh (1980)
[Image: 44198.jpg]
The action takes place at the end of the 19th century in Belorussian Polesie, where a young ethnographer arrived to study folk legends.
He settled in a small estate, whose mistress - the last representative of the ancient noble family - told a terrible story about King Stach, from time to time chasing a wild hunt for an ancient family ...
Spoiler - the plot is made in the spirit of the works of Mrs. Radcliffe. Knowing should understand what it means.
Mister Designer (1988)
[Image: 44587.jpg]
The action of this mysterious story, filmed in the Art Nouveau style, takes place at the beginning of the last century. A brilliant (or insane?) Artist once meets a beautiful woman, like two drops of water like one of his creations ...
Where do you guys look for subtitles for these foreign films? There are so many I'd watch in a heartbeat, but I can't find the translations.
(08-18-2018, 10:48 AM)EmilGan Wrote: Where do you guys look for subtitles for these foreign films? There are so many I'd watch in a heartbeat, but I can't find the translations.

I am a foreigner myself - I was born and live in Russia. However from those films that I showed how a minimum of 2-3 should be translated.
Watch Dark Shadow and Women in black 😈

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