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Jane by April Lindner
April Lindner
Jane , or How to ungothicize a gothic romance

I wasn't going to write a review for this book as it really isn't a gothic, but to liven up the forum, why not? It's a retelling of the classic Jane Eyre for a Young Adult audience. The author faithfully follows the original story, just puts it in a contemporary setting. This unfortunately requires some illogical situations. Nico, our Mr. Rochester, is a famous rockstar, which surprisingly works quite well. The heroine has seen hundreds of pictures of him before meeting him, but just as in the Brontë version, she doesn't know who he is at their first meeting. Sadly all gothic elements have been removed. There's nothing ominous about the house and the laughter in the night and setting of fires are dismissed very lightly. Jane herself is a blank, uninteresting character, but on the other hand Nico is an exciting and hot hero.
So read it if you want a light romance novel, just don't expect "Jane Eyre".

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