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Definition of horror Gothic
A good question has been raised that needs to be discussed so that we can decide what to do with this section.

What is a horror Gothic? How does it differ from horror novels?

Although there is some slight variation in definition of a Gothic romance, we all agree that it must contain some mystery and suspense as well as romance. Since most of us on this forum probably do not read horror novels regularly, it would be difficult to define it accurately. However, each of us has his/her own ideas on the subject and all views would be appreciated.

Although Gothic romances began with the mystery and romance, the word Gothic came to mean other things. That's why Frankenstein came to be considered one of the classic Gothic tales. I found very little to recommend that book as a romance, although some may argue that Frankenstein's monster roamed the world to find love when his master abandoned him (we can discuss that later). Frankenstein paved the way for science fiction and horror stories. I would consider Frankenstein as a Gothic horror. The idea of creating a new being from dead body parts is rather ghastly to me. The element of the supernatural/science fiction gives this novel a "Gothic" feel.

On the other hand, many of the horror novels written today would only be horror, in the sense that it glorifies gore. Homicidal maniacs, mass murderers and such as you would find in horror movies (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street type) are good examples.

What I would consider as horror Gothic romance would be a Gothic horror incorporating a romance. For example, the book I read called "The Danse Macabre" (which I still have not found the correct author). The horror element in this novel (at least for me) was the idea of the devil incarnate in a child. The governess and her charge (the child's sister) are the terrorized victims. And of course, the governess is involved in a romance with someone outside the family.
This is the kind of book I would consider as horror Gothic romance, not just horror Gothic, like Frankenstein, and not a horror novel. And I believe horror Gothic romance in this form should remain on this forum.

What do the others think? Have I managed to confuse everyone?

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