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Poll: Horror Gothics decision
Should we move Horror Gothic?  Should we eliminate it?  Or should we leave it alone?
To be honest, I don't really understand the difference between horror gothic and just plain old horror. If anyone could clarify that for me, I'd appreciate it. Also, the difference between horror gothic and gothic romance (other than the obvious "romance" part.) Some examples would help.

Pending answers to the above questions, I don't mind keeping the forum as it is.
Read my post under "Horror Gothic" and see if you find it helpful.
Ok. Here's my opinion. If we keep to the definition of a Horror Gothic Romance as a typical Gothic Romance incorporating certain elements of horror, i.e., the occult, the supernatural (vs. presumed supernatural forces that turn out to be human), etc., without the use of excessive gore, perhaps we can keep the forum as it is.
I voted to keep it as it is.  A horror Gothic is traditionally a cousin to a Gothic romance.  In fact, some Gothic romances (like many of Virginia Coffman's books) are definitely Gothic horror novels (in that they use actual, not merely perceived as, supernatural elements, etc.).  And some Gothic horror novels are truly Gothic romances--V. C. Andrews' novels, for instance, which were marketed as horror more from commercial reasons than actual genre specifications.

Gothic horror is noted for its restraint.  It's not about overt horror (i.e., buckets of blood and so on).  It's interested in places (old houses, spooky buildings, etc.).  "Rosemary's Baby," for instance--prime example of Gothic horror.  A baroque, decaying apartment house.  A young, innocent bride.  A dark secret hiding within the building.  And (except for one dream sequence), no overt scenes of horror.  If it weren't for the bleak ending and the actual supernatural event that occurs, "Rosemary's Baby" would be a Gothic romance about a girl who suspects her husband of terrible things (a typical theme of Gothic romance).

I wouldn't worry too much about being innundated by the blood and gore crown.  I think the "romance" part of the overall name of this forum will help to keep that crowd away.  But real Gothic horror (like "The Turn of the Screw," etc.) is very much a cousin of Gothic romance, and it belongs here in some capacity.
Excellent comments! I think Gothic has interesting, romantic milieu - Victorian setting, old mansion, castle, lovely dresses - and supernatural - ghosts, vampires, werewolves - without being polluted by horror´s sewer-mouthed language, gore, filth etc. For example, Hammer films are Gothic, Stephen King and Exorcist are not. So KEEP!

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