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new categories
How about creating a space for members to write short articles about their favorite Gothic novelists? Also, under "Books" how about adding book discussion groups and a specific category for book reviews?
Hello tamtam, welcome to the forum and thanks for the suggestions.

Do you mean a separate section for author bios and possibly bibliographies? I think that would be a good idea, or did you have something else in mind?

Also, I added the section for book reviews a little while back, it's here:
When I first wrote the post, I was thinking if there was information someone wanted to offer (in the way of an article), they could have a section to include it. Something that did not fit in any of the other categories. Just as an example, if someone wanted to share their views about the way Gothics developed. I think author bios and bibliographies can just be added under the respective author headings.
I think we should let the publishers know that we want the old gothic novels re-issued or new ones published. I am tired of the paranormal or the bodice rippers on the shelf. We need more of the traditional gothics out there to read, the ones with the mystery that haunts you till you finish the book.

Linda C.

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