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The Collinsport Society: Roleplaying Dark Shadows
I'm looking for those who enjoy writing in rpgs/fans of Dark Shadows to participate in my Dark Shadows Role Playing Games, one is based on on the 1991 revival series and the other is a cross-over with Strange Paradise (another Gothic soap which aired from 1969-1970). If you aren't familiar with either series, they are very much in the Gothic Romance style tradition. Dark Shadows involves a young woman (a governess) who moves to a small Maine town in order to take care of 10 year old boy. The family who hired her is of course wealthy and they live in an old Mansion on top of a hill. It also features a vampire, Barnabas Collins (who falls in love with Victoria in part because of her resemblance to his long-lost Josette), witches, ghosts and plenty of other opportunities for supernatural elements.

Strange Paradise has similar elements to Dark Shadows but deals more with voodoo and witches. If you are familiar with Strange Paradise and would like to help me come up with ways to tie the stories together, I'd love to hear from you.

If you are interested and wish to know more information, please click on the link link below for more information:
Yet again... several years ago but not an entire decade. Now? DS has gone to pot. Arg!

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