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Ariadne Pritchett's "Mill Reef Hall"
This author may not have written much since I have never run across her name before now. And that is quite a shame. "Mill Reef Hall" gets an "A" from me. It's an historical Gothic told in a very straightforward manner. Well-paced with lots of atmosphere that is not contrived. Unlike most Gothics I have read, this one ends without explaining a lot of loose ends. Some small mysteries are left up in the air but there are enough clues to let the reader guess what may have been. It leaves you wondering what becomes of our hero and heroine.
I don't know. Sometimes it annoys me when a story leaves a lot loose ends. I guess it's about balance, because it is also kind of lame when everything is perfectly tied up in a "happily ever after" style.
It's not so much that there are a lot of loose ends. Instead of running off into the sunset together, our hero and heroine make plans for the future, and we, the readers, do not know if these plans will come to fruition but we hope they will. Plus, the mysteries that are unresolved are minor, as I stated, but it keeps the reader guessing and coming up with his/her own solutions. You have to read it to know what I mean.

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