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our own book club???
Charybdis, that's fine with me if it's fine with everyone else. Right now I'm so busy I can't really invest a lot of time in hunting stuff down to share. I'm currently looking for several Ebooks for a writing project. Many of them are gothics but not all of them. I was just going to share links to the gothics as I found them but I have no idea how often that will be. Besides, many of them are going to be the older Minerva era gothics which don't seem to be too popular here.
Thank you! I've just opened a new thread in the reviews section as the first Book Club discussion with Carol Goodman's book as topic. Happy reading, all!
Sorry, Charybdis, I can't go this route, but I will happily look on with interest.Smile
(09-07-2010, 08:11 PM)bronte Wrote: Would anyone be interested in a group of us that frequent this site to form our own "book club"? I was thinking this: someone would suggest a gothic novel and give a time period to read should not be an obscure book but something we could get at a public library (even if we have to do an inter-library loan) or a cheap used store. Then after we all read it we could discuss it on here?? Anyone out there interested? Or is it a stupid idea?

I know im a bit late on this but i'd love to join! what books would you propose first? my school has a very good classic gothic section, so that shouldnt be a problem.

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