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Turned into a movie...
Do you know many horror Gothics that have been turned into movies? If so, what are they?
Stephen King's novels are probably the perfect examples of horror Gothics turned into movies.
The upcoming film Sweeney Todd looks like the perfect example of a horror Gothic. It's based on a musical about a murderous barber, but I believe the musical is based on some Sweeney Todd stories which in turn were based on a real-life killer.

I've never seen the musical, but know the story and have heard the soundtrack. I'm sure it will be bloody, but, if done correctly, it's also a tragic story of a lost love. Benjamin Barker is wrongly imprisoned by an evil judge who then destroys his family. He returns only to find his family gone. He goes insane and becomes Sweeney Todd in order to exact revenge.

Another Johnny Depp/Tim Burton horror gothic is Sleepy Hollow. In fact, I think almost any Tim Burton film belongs in the Gothic category. He is the only true Gothic filmmaker that I know of.
It wasn't based on a book, but The Skeleton Key is quite gothic. A young nurse moves into a battered old Louisiana plantation as a caregiver to a man who can't speak...because if he did he would reveal the terrible secret of the locked attic room. It's a highly evocative mood piece with elements of voodoo and spirit possession as well as some excellent haunted bayou imagery.

The Others, with Nicole Kidman, is another recent great gothic ghost story, but again, not based on a novel.

I found Dark Water with Jennifer Connelly to be quite gothic as well. It is based on a Japanese short story, by the same author who wrote The Ring (movie with Naomi Watts) - also chock full of gothic imagery. But be warned, Dark Water and The Ring are both primarily "horror" films so they may not appeal to some of our more genteel aficianados. These kind of ghost stories remind me of Barbara Michaels' more supernatural works in that the ghost story aspect is quite tragic and the films have an overwhelming sense of melancholy.

Oh, and another one is the recent Spanish film, The Orphanage. Still not based on a book. Sad
The Turn of the Screw by Henry James has been adapted for the big and small screen over 15 times. The Innocents from 1961 is probably the most famous version but there's also a brilliant Masterpiece Theatre version starring Jodhi May as the governess.

Dracula, Frankenstein and Carmilla have been filmed. Also Monk, but apparently not with any good results.
Sweeny todd will alway's and still be my favorite gothic horror film..
A favorite of mine is The Haunting (1963) based on The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.
Does Anne Rice count as well? i know she's not necessarily classically gothic, but her vampire characters are really well developed. Also, i just finished "Red Dragon", "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris, later made into films starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster which were brilliant.

Is Northanger Abbey any good? I've heard its a spoof on clasic gothic but im not sure.
(04-10-2010, 08:40 AM)Des Esseintes Wrote: A favorite of mine is The Haunting (1963) based on The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

The ultimate Gothic house! And an impeccably cast movie. Claire Bloom was especially good in her role as the ambiguous room-mate.

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