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Do you watch TV?
Do you watch TV? I try not to, but I can't help myself.
Generally I watch the news, old ['50s - '70s] sitcoms (TV Land), Forensic Files, Cold Case Files [Tru TV], History Channel.

But mostly I read. Wink
I was a Court TV and History Channel buff until we switched our cable package. These are the shows I'm following now, whether off Netflix or by download.

The Office
Life on Mars (BBC)
Hex (BBC-totally Gothic tv show.)
Eureka (Sci-Fi Channel)
John Adams (HBO)
Secrets of the Dead (PBS?)

I'm waiting to start In Treatment once the first season ends. We also came across web sites with free downloads of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Night Gallery.

And, of course, the Simpsons.

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