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desperately seeking picture
When I was a young girl back in the '70s my grandmother had a fantastic picture worthy of a gothic novel cover.
It was poster sized black velvet background (hey, it was the 70s) with a castle on a hill, naturally there was a light in the topmost window of the turret, though sadly no fleeing ingenue.
Unfortunately this picture was lost years ago and I have been trying to track down a copy. Sadly I don't know the artist or publisher (it had the feel of a mass produced piece). I've had no luck trawling the internet so I thought I'd throw it out here and see if anyone knows anything at all that could help me find a copy.
The name of the artist would be good, a place where I could buy the piece brilliant.
Any help? Anyone?
In the 1970's I lived in the rural south and there used to be people selling black velvet pictures on the side of the road and at flea markets. Have not seen them in years. Have you tried e-bay?
Hey Bronte, I've tried eBay with no luck. And I've made contact with a company that imports prints on velvet but they don't have any like this one listed in their catalogue.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

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